I am The One

Music Video

A stop motion music video about culture, freedom of speech and repression

The story takes place in the Amazon forest where a mythological masked bird lives surrounded by music and magic. However, soldiers are around patrolling the area and once they realise the phenomenon, they start chasing this magic creature. Fortunately, he is not alone. There are other mysterious creatures there, musicians playing different instruments in a so picturesque scenario as just the Amazon forest could provide.

This music video is highly focused on the visual with all characters made by paper, mixing patterns and illustrations. The inspiration came from indiginous/brazilian patterns and textures, and the rainforest.  
Each creature and landscape are being made by hand. The craftsmanship work takes long time and hardworking, nevertheless brings charm and magic. 

About Jarrah Thompson

Jarrah Thompson is an Australian based songwriter, singer and guitarist. Jarrah blends blues and rock with world flavours and influences from his travels and international tours. Since Jarrah’s entrance on the Melbourne music scene in 2008 with his debut album ‘Stargazer’ is was clear Jarrah was a unique artist with a sound and voice all to his own. Now his passion lies in collaborating and touring in Brazil where the latest release is from, the result is Jarrah Thompson & The Brazilian Percussion Orchestra.

This was a low-budget, passion project. We’ve raised 1300NZD to help complete the project on kickstarter, thanks to all the backers!


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