Earth 4 All launch animation

2D animation

It’s always satisfying to work in something meaningful.

This animation for Earth4All talks about two different paths for our future, one where we keep going as we are, and another were the world takes a ‘giant leap’, rethinking capitalism and moving beyond GDP.

Earth4All is a group of economic thinkers and scientists. They’ve assembled a document where they run different scenarios for our future, looking at the environmental and socio-economic variables such as investments, energy use, taxes, savings, education, inequality and social trust.

It’s realistic highlighting what governments needs to do in order to avoid climate change and build better societies.

After we received the script from the agency, we started to storyboard and came up with different solutions to show the climage change impacts, and used ‘boxes’ to resemble online meetings.


ProductionGreenhouse Agency

DirectorHelena Kampen
IllustrationsPat Grivet
AnimationHelena Kampen
Sound Design/Mix     Mariana Leão
Voice OverPer Espen Stoknes

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