Alice in Oooland

An Alice in Wonderland and Adventure Time mashup

This is a little tribute to Alice in Wonderland and Adventure Time. Alice felt asleep and things took a turn, what adventures waits for her in the Land of Ooo? 

This is a personal project that started as an animation  for “Things took a Turn” challenge. The idea was to flip the narrative of a well known fairy tale. After I decided this project was a bit more challenging than the time I had for the deadline, I’ve decided to finish this on my own time. 

For those who are not familiar with Adventure Time, this is the intro of the show. 

Once I’ve started the project, I’ve rewatched Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland original film and observed some characters to put in the intro, like the oysters and the walrus (in which... the walrus actually eats all the oysters, not sure what I thought about that when I was a kid.)

Screenshots from Alice in Wonderland film
But the characters are my own take, so they are deliberately different.

I also got some inspiration from Mary Blair (Alice in Wonderland concept artist):

Art by Mary Blair

Early development:

Screenshot from Adventure Time intro

This is the “main image” of the Adventure Time intro, where the main characters are seen for the first time, this was my starting point to create a style for this animation.

Alice in Oooland - Style exploration



The song is performed by my talented  friend Marcita and the Mixing and Sound Effects was made by the great Joe Basile.

This work is personal / non commercial. 

Adventure time © Cartoon Network  / Alice in Wonderland © Walt Disney Studios

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